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VA BrewPass

For a general overview of the VA BrewPass, we provide a summary on the purchase page.

To help explain the program in greater detail, we have thrown together the following list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that has been left unanswered, please let us know.

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How is and related? and are both owned and operated by Virginia Breweries LLC. It is our mission to raise consumer awareness of the Virginia brewing industry by using creative marketing techniques to turn potential customers into devoted Virginia beer fans. It is important to note that Virginia Breweries LLC is a third party and is not officially connected to any specific brewery or other participating business. All website usage terms for applies to, for more information see the associated Terms

What is your privacy policy?

The privacy policy for and the VA BrewPass app are set forth by Virginia Breweries LLC can be found at

When was the VA BrewPass program created?

The VA BrewPass program was first launched at Strangeways Brewing in late July 2014 with Strangeways being the only participating location. Over time, we have been working deligently to increase venue participation and to better the program on the back-end. The VA BrewPass transferred from the use of a physical membership card to a mobile application in January 2017.

What is the purpose of the VA BrewPass program?

The purpose is two-fold. On one side, we wanted to provide a means for those interested in Virginia beer to save money and be rewarded for supporting the drink-local movement. On the other side, we wanted to help Virginia breweries and other businesses related to the industry attract customers new and old.

What kind of locations can participate?

Breweries, restaurants*, festivals*, bottle shops*, tour services, and any other type of business that is deemed to be related to the Virginia brewing industry.

*required to have either two VA craft beers on tap or four VA craft beers available by bottle or can on a regular basis

What happened to the physical VA BrewPass cards?

Starting in 2017, the VA BrewPass program went from using a physical card to a virtual card to be presented within a mobile app. After much consideration and deliberation, we discontinued the printing of physical cards as a vast majority of members preferred using a mobile app.

How much does it cost to join?

You can view the current available membership lengths and price points at the purchase page.

Where can I purchase a VA BrewPass?

You can purchase your very own VA BrewPass membership within the VA BrewPass app found on iOS or Android.

Can multiple people use one virtual membership card?

No, the card is not meant to be shared. Participating venues will not honor any associated deals if they find that the card is not in the hands of its rightful owner. Each virtual membership card will display the owner's name and unique BrewPass number that can be verified on location.

Where can I use my membership?

We list all current locations participating in some way on the following pages: offers, events, and map.

How do I claim an offer?

All you have to do is have your mobile device and thus your virtual card available at purchase.

How long is an offer valid?

All deals are subject to change. However most deals currently listed will remain the same if not be fairly similar to what is currently offered throughout the membership term. We ask each participating venue to not change the offer they make available for at least 30 days to prevent any confusion. We also ask for advanced notice of any changes to help alert members either by social media or email.

What if a location listed as participating didn't accept my membership?

All listed participating destinations gave Virginia Breweries LLC approval to be listed on the VA BrewPass program. While a location reserves the right to deny for any reason, often times the refusal is due to unaware staff. Please contact us within the app should a location ever not accept your membership. We take this issue very seriously and will remove any participating locations that continuously deny our members from claiming their agreed upon offer.

What kind of events are listed?

Any event at a qualifying location where there is a perk made available to the VA BrewPass membership. This could be a discount on a festival's entry fee, early access to beer releases, discounted items specific to that event, etc. Event perks do not necessarily have to be exclusive to the VA BrewPass membership.

How can I claim my perk for an event?

We will provide details for each event. It could be you have to claim the perk before the event date, or that there are set guidelines to follow while at the event.

How can I have my business participate in the VA BrewPass program?

You can contact us via email at or you can use our contact form. We will respond as soon as possible with more details as to how you can participate.

Do you offer an online affiliate program?

We have in the past and plan to implement a new affiliate program in the near future. With the update to a mobile app, we have had to temporarily postpone offering an affiliate program. Anyone can apply to be an affiliate as long as they are at least 21 years of age by contacting us at or by using our contact form. Based on your qualifications, we will reach back out to you if we believe you are a good fit for the direction we aim to go.